⚡THE NO 1 REASON ⚡Many Businesses Struggle To Grow⚡️

is a …


👉What does clarity even mean you may ask?

googling it’s definition it says:
“the quality of being coherent and intelligible.”

Now let’s go one step deeper and see what “coherent” and “intelligible” mean:

coherent = “logical and consistent, forming a unified whole.”
intelligibile = “able to be understood; comprehensible”

There we go.

👉So in other words a lack of clarity means

🔥a) The way you operate is not logical and consistent and your strategy and your actions don’t form a unified whole🔥

– You may be just selling something without being clear about why your customer might actually want to buy it?!?!? Like why would they buy this thing or service from you when there is so much stuff out there. Which problem are you fixing? — If you don’t know these things, you are bound to be drifting along like a log in the ocean without a clear direction.

– you implement a thousand different ideas from a million different coaches, youtube videos and websites but don’t actually follow through any particular path, then wait for feedback from your market and then iterate

🔥b) You lack the ability to be understood by your customers – your way of promoting and selling your offer is incomprehensible to your audience.🔥

You think your innovation is amazing, your program is awesome and you are the chosen one and are all geeky with your insider language — but what about your customer? Does he understand you? Do you actually care to speak to your customers in a way that makes sense to them and not to you?

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