🔥How the hell can we reach more customers?🔥

That’s more or less the most common question I get asked.

The first thing I reply is usually

„Who is your ideal customer and what are you currently doing to reach him?“.

Then they list whatever type of marketing they are currently engaged in and how it’s all a more or less painful process that seems to only cost money and not get them anywhere.

It’s usually the marketing consultant’s or the web designer’s fault or really anyone else’s who helped them along the way.

At least that’s what they think and now they are kind of feeling a little disheartened whenever someone mentions „marketing“ or tries to give them advice.

👉It’s the „I’ve done it all“ feeling.

⚡️⚡️I then ask them if they knew that marketing is not about creating desires but channeling an existing desire onto a product or service.⚡️⚡️

No one seems to get it.

Then they ask me what the hell that means and I say

👉„Look, you think you can just go out there with your product or service,

promote it and create a desire for it and then people will buy it.

You’re wrong.

You cannot create a desire.


and then connect your product or service to their desire.

That’s all marketing can do but it can’t create a desire for your offer.”👈

Then they mostly fall silent …

… look at me and say something like

🧐„Ha, interesting. Never thought about it that way“.

👉That’s why working on your brand and your strategy is so fundamental.

Because in doing so you identify your ideal customers and their needs and desires.

That’s when marketing is nice to have but not even essential.

It can leverage your reach but you’ll strike your audiences nerve even without website, business card or anything —-

because you are then clear as hell and your message is sharp as a knife and targets your customers most painful point

——- > their deepest problem and desire.

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