🔥Why your customers don’t care about your idea.🔥

Most entrepreneurs, especially in the tech world start their business because they think they found the holy grail.

They have a seemingly revolutionary idea, a concept for a product that has never been on the market the way they want to launch it or a combination of different variables in a new and unseen way.

Even though there are a lot of great ideas and concepts out there why is it that most of them fail and disappear into neverland?

It’s because of our very human nature and the fact that to be a successful entrepreneur you have to make a shift in your mindset from normal human to superhuman.

Normal humans think about themselves – only and all the time and are only driven by THEIR problems.

Therefore when they want to start a business they put all their focus and energy into reaffirming their own beliefs, ideas, inventions and concepts. It’s all THEM.

What happens is that they come up with something that may or may not provide value to the market and when they launch after having spent a lot of time, money and effort into everything they often realise that no-one is interested in their idea.

They and maybe some close people were the only ones who thought it’s great.

Superhumans think about others and know and understand that the only way to be a successful entrepreneur is to create value. How do you create value? By offering solutions to REAL EXISTING PROBLEMS.
Naturally the first things superhuman do when they have an idea is to double check it with their target audience and see if it is actually based on a real need and or problem.

👉If it’s not forget about it and go look for a problem you can fix or a need you can address

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