🔥3 Things That Stop You From Making The Difference You Dream Of🔥

👉#1 YOU
It may sound a little weird but yes – what is stopping you from making the difference you dream of in the world is YOU.

When you procrastinate it’s YOUR beliefs and YOUR habits that hold you back.

When you are pessimistic about the outcome of your actions it’s YOUR beliefs that determine the amount and direction of energy you put in and ultimately define the outcome of your actions.

When you have a dream but think that you lack certain skills or character traits to be able to achieve it it is YOUR confirmation of your current identity that keeps you from growing into the identity that can easily achieve your dreams.

It is YOU how you see and define yourself right now who is keeping you from achieving what you want.

Once you realise that there is no one else to blame and you stop the blame-game of being a victim to circumstances then and only then can you start to grow.

You then hand back the keys to your engine to yourself and where you want to go is only up to you.


If you 
a) don’t define where you want to go as detailed as possible and 
b)don’t plan how to get there and then 
c)stick to your plan
you are bound to fail … even worse: you won’t get anywhere.

Setting your goals and planning your way to achieve them is essential yet most of us never do it but would agree that it’s totally logical.

And then it’s about sticking to your plan as long as it may take.

Why do we fail to do this?

Because we don’t have enough motivation. What can motivate you the most?


In business it’s all about strategy yet most people focus entirely on tactics.

They obsess about packaging, ads, websites, networking, etc. but have never taken the time to really focus on developing a sound strategy that defines 
who they are, 
who their customers are 
and what the values 
and promises are 
that they should adhere to 
to maintain integrity.

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