Do you feel stuck in life & business and are You Hungry to break through?

I know exactly how it feels - I’ve been there And I got out and now I help others do the same. I Help You Realign Yourself So That Life Can Flow Through You And Turn You Into a Creative Monster Living From Your Highest Potential Of Joy And Purpose - I Help You Get Your S*** Together and take things to the next level.

If this is for you ...

Do You Feel Stuck In Life & Business And Are You Hungry To Break Through?

I know exactly how it feels - I’ve been there.

And then I got out and now I help others get out and Realign Themselves So That Life Can Flow Through Them And Turn Them Into a Creative Monster Living From Their Highest Potential Of Joy And Purpose -

 I Help Them Get Their S*** Together and take things to the next level.

If this is for you ...


I can highly recommend Sascha because he has helped me so much to understand what is it I need to communicate to my clients. How to bring into focus the diverse aspects of my work in a way that clients can understand what it is I do in a more precise way and then reach out to me.

Krishna McKenzie

Changemaker, Coach & Trainer

Fast, straight to the point, very creative, easy to work with,  . . . and a very, very nice person on top of it all!

Michael J. Roads

Beststeller Author & Coach

I've been working with Sascha for several months now. He is extremely passionate and motivated to help others. That's what has made our business ventures together so fantastic.

Isaac Danna


If you are looking for real great support, with Sascha Rossaint you have chosen the best decision. My company got the results I am looking for. ​Thanks to his expert advice I have gained a lot of clarity.

Klaus Altmann

Physiotherapist, Trainer & Entrepreneur


Working with Sascha has been a wonderful experience. He is always on time and takes the initiative to reach out first to ensure I am on track and sticking to the action plan. He engages with great questions that challenge my existing business model. His willingness to learn and apply amazes me. If you are in need of a coach and strategist to help navigate through your life and business challenges i highly recommend Sascha Rossaint he has the tools and insight to get the job done.

Clarissa S.


Sascha is a blessing ​for every business that wants to get massive results while making a difference in the world. Since I have worked with Sascha my business has completely changed and has helped me to reach out to my dream clients and charge a lot more money for my service. He knows what is needed to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. If you want your business to soar, he's the man ...

Michaela Koelbl

Coach, Trainer & Entrepreneur